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Come hangout and idle with us! UnLab Chat Realm:

If you don't have an IRC Client installed, Note: I would personally install a chat client as this would allow you to idle in the chat room in case nobody is around at that time to respond, but will see your message at a later time and attempt to respond to you. 

For a quick test check out (Which is also above): 

Channels: #unlondon 
Auth to services: doesnt matter unless you dont want people using your nickname which you would have to setup first by login on without this check and running the /help register command.
Audio captcha: 

Click Connect!

Say hello!

Best free client for Windows:

Best free client for Linux:

Best free client for Android:

Best free client for iPod/iPad/iPhone:

Not the greatest free client, but really the only one for Blackberry Phone:
For the more tech savvy you can use a Linux box + "screen" + irssi + SSH + WiFi via:
http://bbssh.org/downloads/ works flawless but a ridiculous setup.

Best free client for Blackberry Playbook:
Good luck... for Windows Phone:

After install, Stop by the chat!
Quick Link: irc://irc.freenode.net/#unlondon

or manually connect settings

Server: irc.freenode.net
Channel: #unlondon

Advanced Stuff: (Ignore or dive in, ask in the channel for further details)

We have multiple tech savvy ways setup to connect via BNC or SSH/Screen/IRSSI

BNC (short for bouncer) is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections in computer networks"

Basically it will keep a persistence connection for you in the chat channel and relay the prior chat to catch up on what you missed while not logged in.
Refer to: ZNC

SSH/Screen/IRSSI you can SSH into a server connect to a Screen session and log on with IRSSI a terminal IRC Client.
Refer to: Screen

Note: There is a script running on UnLabBot that pulls Unlondon/Unlab content into the channel from Twitter. 
Note: There is a script running that converts the Text To Speech from the chat and can be heard in the server room if you are @ the UnLab.
Subpages (3): EggDrop Screen ZNC